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Upon arrival at Hamburg Airport (HAM), passengers can choose from several ground transportation services, including rental cars, taxis, rideshares, hotel shuttle services, buses, and trains.

Hamburg Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany. It has a railway station that connects to the Deutsche Bahn railway network.

Trains at Hamburg Airport depart for Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, the central railway station in Hamburg, every 10 minutes.

The price for a one-way adult ticket is € 3.20, and an adult return ticket is € 6.20. For children (6 to 14 years old), a one-way ticket is € 1.20.

S-Bahn (the suburban railway) S1 line gets to the city center within 25 minutes.

If you stay in the city for a more extended period, you might want to save money by using the Hamburg Card, which will allow you to travel by several public means of transport, including buses and ferries, at a cheaper rate.

You can purchase your ticket at the ticket booths located at the station.

Hamburg Airport (Flughafen) Train Station

You can reach the S-Bahn station at "Hamburg Airport (Flughafen)" directly from Terminals 1 and 2 (Arrivals) via elevators, escalators, and fixed stairs.

It takes approximately 25 minutes to get to Hamburg Central Station (Hamburg Hauptbahnhof).

There is also a junction station on the first stop from Hamburg Airport station.

At "Ohlsdorf" underground and suburban railway station, you can change to the U1 underground line.

The station provides accessible features for passengers transferring to its S-Bahn U1, S1, and S11 lines.

Hamburg Central Railway Station (German: Hamburg Hauptbahnhof)

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (or Hamburg Hbf) is the central railway station of Hamburg, Germany. Opened in 1906, Hamburg Hbf is one of Germany's busiest railway stations in Europe.

Hamburg Central Railway Station connects Northern Europe's railway system, through Denmark, with Central Europe and offers connections to Western Europe and Southern Europe.

There are permanent InterCity Express (ICE) lines to Berlin, Frankfurt (Main), Stuttgart and Munich, and Bremen, continuing to the Ruhr Area and Cologne.

ICE trains connect Hamburg to Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark, and Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein to the north.

There are also several InterCity and EuroCity passenger train connections.

Hamburg Hbf is a hub for international travel, and most passengers to or from Scandinavia must change in Hamburg.

The station is a through station with island platforms that consist of:

  • Eight main lines
  • 4 S-Bahn
  • 8 U-Bahn

Rapid Transit Trains

Besides the inter-urban rail services, the Hauptbahnhof is also the central intersection for two of the three rapid transport systems in the city.

  • Hamburg S-Bahn (suburban railway)
  • Hamburg U-Bahn (underground network).

The S-Bahn platforms are located inside the station, while the U-Bahn has two stations: Hauptbahnhof Süd (south) and serving the lines U1 and U3.

Hamburg Central Railway Station is in Hamburg in the Hamburg-Mitte borough. The Wandelhalle shopping center occupies the north side of the station building.

For updated schedules and fares, please visit, the website of the railway network operator, German Rail (Deutsche Bahn).

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Where are the Train Stops at Hamburg International Airport?

Train Station Name Latitude Longitude View on Map
Hamburg Airport (Flughafen) 53.63235 10.006646 View
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